Affordable Restaurants to Discover During Your Abu Dhabi Visit

In this guide to budget-friendly dining experiences in Abu Dhabi, we’ve curated a delightful range of culinary options from various corners of the globe. From beloved Korean and Indian flavors to tantalizing Lebanese, Turkish, and Italian cuisines, our selection is sure to cater to every palate.

Kopitiam by Chandy’s

A Malaysian gem bursting with flavor, has become a go-to spot in 2023 for wallet-friendly dining. Located on Al Falah Street in Madinat Zayed, this unlicensed restaurant serves up delightful all-day breakfasts and dishes like rotis stuffed with eggs or crispy rice crêpes, all for under Dhs10. For those later cravings, they offer a tempting array of dim sum, fragrant curries, and flavorful stir-fries. Contact them at @kopitiambychandys (050 234 7278).

West to West Kitchen

A cool West African-Caribbean eatery, is your destination for budget-friendly, lovingly prepared dishes. Founded by British expat Laddi in 2014, this unlicensed spot on Al Bzaymi Street has been serving up mouthwatering Trinidadian curried shrimp roti, Jamaican ital stew, jerk chicken wraps, Jamaican patties, and more since 2019. Don’t miss their Sunday Roast. Reach them at (02 671 9119).

Bait El Khetyar

A Lebanese gem, offers scrumptious mezze, grills, and more in a casual setting. Located in Najda, this unlicensed spot is perfect for a budget-friendly meal with options like a variety of hummus choices and their star dish, shawarma, with prices starting under Dhs10. Contact them at @bait_elkhetyar (02 633 3200).

Bonna Annee

An authentic Ethiopian eatery in the Tourist Club Area, is a top choice for budget dining. They serve flavorful dishes, including traditional bread, injera, to mop up delicious stews like lamb and lentil. Though not glamorous, the food speaks for itself. For a taste of Ethiopia, visit them at Tourist Club Area (02 491 2128).

Burro Blanco

A pocket-friendly Mexican haven in Khalidiya, offers a fuss-free menu with everything from burritos to quesadillas, tacos, and unique bites like avocado fries and Mexican arancini. Enjoy hot, fresh, and delicious fare without breaking the bank. Check out their offerings at (058 582 8776).

Dampa Seafood Grill

Located in Al Markaziya, Dampa Seafood Grill is an exciting dining experience. Enjoy a ‘boodle fight’-style meal with freshly cooked seafood, tossed in various sauces, and dumped right on your table with plenty of steamed rice. Get messy and savor the fun at this budget-friendly gem. Visit them at (02 622 0096).

Hankook Korean

Hankook Korean an energetic budget barbecue spot in Al Nayhan, is perfect for a memorable meal with friends. Cook your own dishes on built-in grills and explore traditional Korean flavors like bulgogi, tukboki, geran-mari, and chicken ramen. Don’t forget to try the pulgogi with sweet soy sauce. Contact them at (02 642 3399).

Noodle Bowl

The Chinese restaurant nestled in Zayed Sports City, offers wallet-friendly noodles, stir-fries, dim sum, and more. After a round of bowling, unwind with a casual meal at this frills-free spot. Find them at Zayed Sports City (02 447 2405).

San Thai Diner

San Thai Diner located in Abu Dhabi’s Tourist Club Area, is a minimalist haven for budget Thai cuisine enthusiasts. Opened in 2022, this unassuming spot offers dim sum, fried rice, noodles, Thai curries, and various spice levels to cater to your taste. Reach them at (02 622 1620).

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