Antler Part Sale

Antler Part Sale

Get 25% to 75% off on branded luggage and suitcases, travel bags and laptop bags at Antler stores across Abu Dhabi.

About Antler

It all began in 1914 when the son of a famous bicycle seat manufacturer John Boultbee Brooks decided to enter the passenger luggage market, producing leather wardrobe trunks for ocean voyages and unique motor trunks which were attached to cars. A keen interest in wildlife led to the adoption of the stag’s head and antlers as the brand symbol for the luggage line and has remained to this day.

During World War II, Antler luggage shifted its focus from personal luggage to sacks used by soldiers and military equipment to help in the war effort. However, after the war, the brand returned to manufacturing their luggage.  The luggage comes with  10 year warranty for Suitcases: all large, medium and cabin Antler suitcases, 3 year warranty for Casual items.

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