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Emirati Theatre: Zaghnabout, written by Ismail Abdallah

Emirati Theatre: Zaghnabout

By the Sharjah National Theater, “Zaghnabout” won the best play during the 32nd session of Sharjah Theatre Days in March 2023, and was awarded prizes for best direction, best theatrical composition, best set design and lighting, as well as best makeup and costume design, and best effects and music.

“Zaghnabout” tells the story of a town whose people suffer from hunger.

They carry their pots and fight over the “zaghnabout”, which Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, referred to in one of his interviews as “the sorghum that is only eaten by animals.

People used to grind it and eat it out of need”.

The play reveals a societal struggle in all its aspects because of the state of hunger that tyrannizes its people who are struggling in the face of the lurking predator.

A predator that is aware of the town’s problems and crisis, coming with the intention of occupying it, taking advantage of the people’s vulnerability as a result of the hunger crisis that afflicted them.


07 07 23


7:30 pm



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