Giordano Special offers

Giordano Special offers

Check out the below offers at Giordano stores across Abu Dhabi.

Buy one and get the second for free
Buy two pieces and get the third for free
Buy two and get two for free
Two pieces for 99 dirhams
Three pieces for 99 dirhams
Two pieces for 149 dirhams
Two pieces for 169 dirhams
Four pieces for 100 dirhams
Two pieces for 79 dirhams
Two pieces for 120 dirhams.

About Giordano

Giordano is a leading international retailer of apparel and accessories for men, women and children and operates in 40 countries across Asia , Australia , Africa , Canada, Central America , Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. It is known in all of its markets for product quality and customer service. Understanding and respecting local cultures, the essence of the brand is to provide fashion relevant to local customers.

While maintaining international operating and product quality, it also facilitates its branches to develop programs geared for local consumers. The retailer is a brand understanding customer needs. Its proprietary information system is used worldwide and links all shops to central and regional offices for analytics aiming at improving fashion designs and inventory regulation.

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