SeaWorld Abu Dhabi named world’s largest indoor marine-life theme park

SeaWorld Yas Island in Abu Dhabi has clinched the title of the world’s largest indoor marine life theme park. Spanning an impressive 183,000 square meters across five levels, this remarkable facility marks the region’s inaugural venture into marine-themed entertainment.

Presented with the prestigious Guinness World Records certificate, SeaWorld Yas Island’s recognition underscores the commitment of its leadership, including Mohamed Abdalla Al Zaabi, Miral’s Group CEO, and the dedicated team behind SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

Boasting eight immersive realms, from the Arctic to Antarctica, including Abu Dhabi Ocean, One Ocean, MicroOcean, Endless Ocean, Tropical Ocean, Rocky Point, and Polar Ocean, the park offers an unparalleled exploration of aquatic wonders.

Notably, SeaWorld Yas Island stands as the first facility in the region to be certified by Global Humane, a testament to its dedication to animal welfare. Through over 15 interactive experiences, thrilling rides, animal encounters, and captivating presentations, visitors are immersed in a world of marine education and entertainment.

With more than 20 live characters, performances, and over 10 intimate animal encounters, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi provides an enriching experience for guests of all ages. Moreover, it houses one of the world’s largest multi-species marine life aquariums, further enhancing its allure as a premier destination for marine enthusiasts.

SeaWorld Yas Island’s achievement not only marks a milestone in theme park innovation but also sets a new standard for immersive and educational marine entertainment on a global scale.

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