Experience the Ultimate Adventure: UAE’s Massive Theme Park Unveiled!

Experience the Ultimate Adventure: UAE’s Massive Theme Park Unveiled!

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a new marine-themed park that is set to open on May 23, 2023, in Abu Dhabi. The park aims to educate visitors about the interconnectivity between life on earth and the ocean and to promote the conservation of marine life. It has now revealed details of four of its eight immersive realms.

The first realm, Abu Dhabi Ocean, will welcome visitors with cascading waterfalls, palm trees, desert greenery, Emirati architecture and regional music. The park’s education team will provide knowledge to guests about the realm’s 30 species that are native to the UAE such as sea snakes, sea turtles, and dugongs. Visitors can also enroll in an interactive and free competition called S·E·A Guardian Games and enjoy two compelling shows in the Al Naham Theater telling stories of the rich history and fascinating waters of the Arabian Gulf. The realm is also home to the Abu Dhabi Souk, a traditional marketplace with stalls where guests can shop for keepsakes and souvenirs.

The One Ocean realm, which acts as the park’s portal to explore all the other realms, features the One Ocean Globe, an iconic structure representing the ever-changing flow of energy and nutrients around the planet. Within this realm, guests can witness the must-see show One Epic Ocean, which takes them on a journey using immersive multimedia, a fleet of choreographed drones and spatial audio. Visitors can also plan their SeaWorld Expeditions by registering at the Explorer HQ to enjoy animal encounters and other unique experiences.

The third realm, Rocky Point, is a beautiful hidden cove where seals and sea lions can be seen resting on rocks and swimming around their stunning surroundings. The realm features state-of-the-art technology such as an Advanced Animal Lighting System (AALS) that recreates night/day and seasonal light cycles. Visitors can watch the incredible Sea Lion Presentation at the Rocky Point Amphitheater and indulge in freshly baked warm pretzels at Pretzel Point.

Lastly, MicroOcean is a realm that allows visitors to experience how small is big. By passing through a series of colorful arches and “Shrinkerators,” guests start to feel like they’re shrinking while the underwater life grows.

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