SeaWorld Launches Groundbreaking Marine Science Center in Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Launches Groundbreaking Marine Science Center in Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld has opened its first-ever marine science research, rescue, rehabilitation, and return center outside of the US in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island. The opening ceremony was attended by UAE officials and representatives from SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. The center is a cornerstone in the emirate’s journey of education and conservation and aims to enhance the public’s knowledge and commitment to the conservation of marine wildlife, habitats, and ecosystems.

The center features a skilled team of marine scientists, veterinarians, animal care professionals, marine animal rescue experts, and educators who will care for local marine wildlife, ranging from sea snakes to marine mammals and birds. Utilizing cutting-edge facilities, including rescue boats, veterinary hospitals, and necropsy facilities, the center aims to rescue sick, injured, and orphaned marine animals and return healthy animals back to their natural habitats.

The center’s education department will conduct workshops for students and host public events, such as seminars and science talks with top marine scientists, to inspire the public’s commitment to marine conservation. The center will also welcome university students to pursue their studies in marine science and conservation within its research division.

Access to the center, which is co-located next to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, will be by invite and appointment only. With its cutting-edge infrastructure and skilled team, SeaWorld’s newest center will become a hub of knowledge for marine scientists not only in the UAE but also in the wider region.

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