Ted Lapidus DSS Sale

Ted Lapidus DSS Sale

Ted Lapidus sale offers 70% to 75% off on men’s clothing, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories at it’s stores across Abu Dhabi.

About Ted Lapidus

Ted Lapidus founded the brand in 1949 in Paris. Whilst he’s not up there with the really big name French designers of the 1960s and 70s Ted Lapidus made a significant contribution to the rapidly changing fashions of the time and to this day his influence can still be seen on high streets and boulevards throughout Europe.

With the backing of French warbler Charles Aznavour he opened his first haute couture salon in 1957 and the same year opened his first unisex boutique called Tedd. The way he embraced both the high-end of fashion and appealed to ordinary men and women was a long-running theme with Lapidus and drew admiration from many of his contemporaries.

Ted Lapidus may not be a familiar name now but he designed clothes for John Lennon, he is credited with making denim jeans acceptable in the mainstream, he was the man who moved the safari suit from the wide open African plains to the Parisian catwalks and he was the first designer to experiment with unisex clothing.