Verdi Requiem Live Event

AED 145.00

Ninety singers, accompanied by a sixty-piece orchestra, will thrill audiences with their performance of Requiem, the soul-stirring operatic choral work by Giuseppe Verdi. Featuring a quartet of professional soloists flown in exclusively from the UK, Requiem is in quasi-operatic form, unlike any other choral work.
Date – 11 April
Price – 145
Door Open – 18:00

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The terrifying Dies Irae, or ‘Day of Wrath’, with its surrounding- sound of eight trumpets foretelling the coming of the day of judgment, gives way to the joyful exclamation ‘Hosanna in the Highest’ of the Sanctus, one of the most uplifting moments in choral music.

Truly an experience not to be missed!

Event policies

  • Please note that the event is strictly for individuals aged 6 years and above.
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