Exciting New Route with Wizz Air: Abu Dhabi to Erbi

Great news for travel enthusiasts! Wizz Air is introducing a new and convenient way to explore the captivating city of Erbil in Northern Iraq, starting from just 289 AED. Step back in time and immerse yourself in over 6,000 years of history at the Erbil Citadel, an ancient fortress boasting narrow alleys, lively markets, and a treasure trove of cultural heritage.

Embark on a culinary journey and savor the delectable Kurdish cuisine while being embraced by the warm hospitality of the locals. This new route promises an unforgettable adventure, blending history and modernity in one enchanting destination.

Don’t miss this opportunity to uncover the heart of Erbil! Book your Wizz Air flights now to experience the allure of this incredible city.

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